What products to sell on Amazon

Deciding on a product to sell on amazon is not exactly rocket science unless of course, you plan to sell rockets. However, it’s easy to go overboard sourcing products and spending money on inventory that you don’t even know will sell. My advice to new and upcoming amazon sellers is to start with something that you already have an interest in and that is readily available to you.

For example, look around your house to see what items are there that you don’t use right now, but are in good condition. (This does not apply to certain categories, like food and clothes etc, which require items to be new). If you have a book that you used in college, you have left college but the information is still relevant to a college student. You could start by listing it to see if it sells. If it’s in demand and you sell it for say $50 that’s fifty dollars profit – less what it cost you to ship it to Amazon. It’s money you didn’t have before.

My wife likes to give this advice, start by looking in your kitchen cupboards. What items do you have that someone else may benefit from?

Another example of starting with something that interests you is: Suppose you love shoes and you know where to find the best deals, latest styles, and trends. If you love to shop for shoes then that means you will have no problem sourcing products since you enjoy the process of hunting for deals. So you buy a few pairs and test it out on amazon. Work becomes a hobby and then before you know it, you are selling hundreds of shoes.

If you already own a business that sells hard goods then you should start with the products you already sell offline.

Unfortunately, some people fall into the category of having no real interest in anything specific. If that applies to you the need to look for items that a readily available to you that you wouldn’t mind selling. How to source products to sell on amazon.com

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