About Barrington McIntosh

Hi there, My name is Barrington McIntosh. My wife and I support our family through our Amazon business. In Quarter 4  of 2012 we took our Amazon business from 0 to being in the top 25% of all sellers on Amazon for that holiday season. Since then our success has been steadily increasing.

Before Amazon, I worked in Information Technology Management for a firm based in Houston, Texas. Today I am able to live my dream of being at home with my family while being able to support them financially.

To be honest, I could not have done this without being part of a mastermind group. A few years ago, some of my fellow Amazon sellers and I got together to form a group to help each other and other sellers who were struggling with their Amazon business. Fast forward to today, thousands have benefited from our help and we continue to learn from each other.

Check out my interview on do you know who I am.