Hi Barrington, I Just want to say “Thank You” for all you have done over the last six weeks At first the thought of selling International was overwhelming to me.Signing up for your course was what I needed to get started. – Jerry Tellez

As a ‘newbie’ to the amazon.com selling platform I had the honor to join the 1st ‘International Selling Mastermind’ group.
Orlando Mahendrepersad

Hi Barrington, I have been through your international coaching class and can confidently say that it is over and above and any other training currently out there for business owners looking to expand their Amazon business internationally. – Asad

I found Barrington’s International was not only delivered as promised, but he went above and beyond. The tutorials and webinars were clear and concise and jam packed with great information to help everyone succeed from the get go.– Lisly Rich

This is a course for action takers! Barrington’s “nothing to it but to do it” coaching is perfect for those who dare to leap into the Amazon and ride its currents into new frontiers!– Jayson Tay